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Tree Care

Nurture your tree by watering, mulching, weeding, staking , and creating tree beds.


Keep trees healthy and strong with hygienic and structural pruning.

Health Check

Ensure your tree lives a long, healthy life with regular checkups.

Pest Detection

Protect your community's trees by reporting signs of pests and diseases.

Add A Tree

Planting or adopting? Add a tree for easier record keeping.

Add A Photo

Take or select a photo of a tree or activity to keep up with progress.


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Healthy Trees


Unique Species


Stewardship Tasks

About Healthy Trees Healthy Cities

The Nature Conservancy's Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities (HTHC) will help you take actions to improve the quality of life in your community through the planting, care, and stewardship of trees in your yard, neighborhood, and community. This easy to use app will cover the necessary steps to properly plant and care for trees, both new and mature.

Healthy trees mean healthy communities. Learn how you can support trees where you live, work, and play using the Healthy Tress, Healthy Cities Mobile app.

Core Features


Each feature has supporting resources and videos to help you learn how to properly plant, care for, and keep trees healthy for generations to come.

Social Integration

Share the actions you take with frends and family by taking pictures and posting to social media. Keep track of your trees using the GPS and mapping functions integrated into your phone or mobile device

Collect and Share Data

Become a citizen scientist and share your actions, data, and observations with scientists to help better maintain and protect the health of trees in your community

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